Thursday, 17 December 2009

Progress Thursday 17th December 2009

Dear all
A day when I think we all must be mad! Freezing conditions interspersed with driving snow would encourage you to be anywhere else but the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway - but! - the permanent way team continued with the installation of the loop head shunt at Duffield and fastened more track work in place.
Phil hosted a visit from a track tamping contractor so that he may understand what we want to achieve when its all finished - from this perspective August 2010 seems a long time in the future but I fear the months will flash by.
The VCT moved forward at the Holloway Road foot crossing but, with no regard for productivity, broke up at lunchtime to enjoy themselves at the Puss in Boots - anyone would think it was Christmas.
A lone representative of the Carriage Department continued the process of insulating their container - I'm sure it will be too warm in the summer but it's difficult to imagine warmth at the moment.
Floods, pestilence, blizzards and plagues of frogs expected tomorrow.
Martin - writing this with figureless mittens