Sunday, 20 December 2009

Progress Sunday 20th December 2009

Dear all
Again, many grateful thanks for all who turned out to make Santa happened today in the worst weather we have experienced for many years. There was a deal of multi tasking to ensure the production was seamless from start to finish with the added bonus of snow for the children and the not so young. A great tribute to the whole team from check-in to dmu preparation and operation, the pirate crew, the mulled wine production and delivery crew and, of course, Santa.
We were aided by a clutch a young offenders and their minders who did a splendid job of clearing the platforms and access ramps only for their work to be covered by another couple of inches of snow as the afternoon wore on. Also special mention to the two cadets who worked very hard to provide a superb catering service.
It was a pleasure to speak to so many people who were visiting us for a second or third time and indicating it was THE place to meet Santa.
I trust the whole team got home safely as the roads were pretty treacherous as we left site.
There is the final day of our Santa season on Wednesday and any additional help would be welcome to complete the programme.
Finally, Mary Birch was taken ill last night after returning home and I am sure we all wish her well for a very speedy recovery.