Thursday, 24 December 2009

Progress Report Christmas Eve 2009

Dear all,

Today, in Graham's fashion tips, we were chiefly wearing double
underpants, which was um... a comfort. A rather early start saw a
mechanical person arrive at sun up to collect the General Manager's
horseless bicycle, a mere three hours before the Duty Manager arrived
after his morning croissant and second latte. However, once all were
assembled the scheduled shunting began, work proceeded apace, with
Paxton Enterprises being in charge of the shackles. Shunting continued
throughout most of the day and even LJ Breeze performed faultlessly
having first been shown the skip and given a warning about slack
attitude by Driver Stokes.

Meanwhile various tasks were being ticked off the to-do list including
the reconstruction of the station clock weatherproof box, which had
suffered from the same hi-tec engineering fault as the nation's
Eurostars, though with rather less of the knock-on effect. The new
Catering Office was next on the list for external work, in which sealant
was applied to the split stanchion supports and its fecklessly fitted
air cowl was taken off, turned the right way up and put back, so that
rain water runs out of the building not into it. Once the last of the
mince pies had been demolished (feeling a bit queasy now) and Mr Gration
had done his Christmas Shopping, the interior of the said Office
received some preliminary flooring work and a severe tidy up. This
process was then applied to the Mess Room in readiness for our
re-opening on Monday.

It only remains for us here in Wirksworth, once and true capital of the
Peak Province of the Kingdom of Mercia, to express the hope that your
Yule Log will glow joyfully in the night, and for the Officers and
Volunteers of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway to wish you all a very
Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas.