Monday, 7 December 2009

Progress Monday 7th December 2009

Dear all
A dull, dank and dismal day that did not aid those lying underneath E51505 who continued to be mystified by the lack of fuel reaching the new engine. A solution evaded them and further research will be necessary to crack the problem.
The IMT set off to check and unblock drain if required between Wirksworth and Idridgehay. The success of the earlier major work on the "racing straight" was demonstrated by the need to take only a small number of measures to keep the water flowing.
We welcomed an engineering student from Leicester who has requested some practical experience of a railway environment. Even though he has seen our extensive maintenance facilities and admirable working conditions he has vowed to be back to work alongside the Motive Power team and Fridays and Saturdays.
I was scheduled to have a blood pressure check this afternoon and the readings were high! I suspect the culprit was an earlier animated discussion with the gentleman who had resurfaced the station approach road who tried to extract £3,000 for the work - after a great deal of time a figure of £500 was settled on. I just have to make sure my bike is tar sprayed!
Behind the scenes there was preparation work for the upcoming Santa trains and Phil and Neil have honed an excellent PowerPoint presentation to be delivered by Phil to the Permanent Way Institute on MyTestTrack. The photos selected were particularly good.
Duffield is the featured destination tomorrow with only the train crew required at Wirksworth. The great adventure of assembling Duffield South Junction commences with the creation of another crossover and a road/rail access point within the proposed car park. Quite a task that will occupy the next couple of weeks. The end product should look very professional.