Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Progress Monday 28th December 2009

Evenin' all,

Well Christmas is over and it was back to work.

With heavy snow forecast later this week, the chance was siezed to
take LJB down to Duffield and move the works train, as well as recover
the Sturgeon. LJB realised that supervision was on board, and that it
had better be on best behaviour. It was. At Duffield, the newly
promoted platform Superintendent of Hazlewood was present, complete
with trolley on as well as his tools, not to mention the yacht

On the way back we took the opportunity to throw a few logs aboard,
these were discharged outside the Logging dept (should keep Geoff off
our backs for a few days). I know that they are upside down, inside out
etc, but if you try log hurling on ice, you are just glad to get rid!

So the Sturgeon is in the car park ready for loading rails. A few
hardy souls visited the station today for a look around, we also
noticed a great many neighbours out and about.

Tomorrow sees the Per way team at Duffield. No loco is required.

Thanks to Dave N, for coming to help with LJB