Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Progress Mon 21st December 2009

Evenin' all,

A short day, but fairly productive.

The DMU team turned out and have rectified the Met Cam, so that it is
back on 4 engines, the fault causing the fire alarm to activate
yesterday was traced to water getting into the electrics on the engine
- never happen on the big railway. Other locos of the fleet have been
run up. LJB is now on the Pit Road and is wired in to keep it warm.

The Parrot was rescued from the Guards compartment of the Met Cam
where it ducked for shelter at Ravenstor yesterday. It has been brought
into Martins office where it is being defrosted ready for its roll on
Wednesday with Santa. Several more bookings taken for Wednesday's Santa
specials. As for yesterday, despite the long and often tortuous drive
to and from Wirksworth, the show went on. The thought of Santa Specials
being cancelled due to snow was too horrible to think about!

Half of the IMT turned up - the other half being snowed in, a quick
walk around the yard was all that could be achieved, some electrical
bits arrived and were taken into stock ready for some work on the
communications suite as well as the new catering unit.

Duffield station was visited and work will resume there tomorrow
(unless there is a massive snowfall overnight).

I spoke to Bod Birch today, and Mary is still in hospital with
Diverticulitus (or however you spell it) - something to do with the
intestines. She is responding to treatment.