Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Progress Mon 14th December 2009

Evenin' all,
Another cold and overcast day, but a day of more preperation.

The tool van has been delivered to Duffield ready for an early start
of work tomorrow. The remaining concrete sleepers have been uplifted
from the car park at Wirksworth and loaded onto the Sturgeon. The
Komatsu ha been refuelled and greased ready for its return to Duffield
in the morning.

On the DMU front, Mike and Graham are pleased to report that the
replacement engine on the Met Cam has been fired up and is now running,
although a little more tweeking is required.

The Sturgeon and LJB are outside the VCT store ready for loading, at
first light, with bits for the new gates at Holloway Road in Duffield
LJB will be shunting at Shottle to free up the VCT landrover on the way

Per Way team to report to Duffield, for more tracklaying