Friday, 18 December 2009

Progress Friday 18th December 2009 (Prelimenary)

Hi all,
In the absense of any report so far, I thought I would report on what we had done today!
The DMU team were all there bright and early in the freezing conditions, snow lying on the ground and a biting wind that made it so that you couldn't feel your face; the aim was to try again to finish the new engine on 51505 to make it available for use on Santa Specials. We are happy to report that after successful testing this afternoon, Santa's North Pole Express has now had a significant horse-power (or should that be reindeer-power) boost and is back to four engines (first time this set has had four engines since October 2007)! This is the end of a task that has taken much longer than expected, about five weekends in total, but well done to all involved.
Being the only team on site, I can safely assume that the sole other task that was undertaken was light admin work and much planning.
If the snow continues to lie, the Santa Special trains tomorrow will be very picturesque.

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