Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Wed 4th Nov

Evenin' all,

The long awited steam test on the boiler of No 3 was semi successful.
Steam was' at the whistle', but various odd more bits need to be
tweeked, but 100 lbs pressure is not too bad. But the mere fact that a
steam whistle was heard at Wirksworth was most reassuring

One of our previous testing clients called in 'on the off chance ' to
try something on the incline. naturally we were able to offer
assistance, for which he was most pleased.

The S&T dept have manufactured a Facing Point Locking strap for
Shottle South, although the turnout has been installed, it is not
connected to the loop at the moment and is thus out of use.

The Per way team again had a busy day at Duffield. Firstly the
Headshunt at the south end of the Tunnel had its remaining chair screws
added, and now requires some stone dropping on it. The main gang then
carried on changing sleepers and are now in the area of the footbridge.
The southern extension to the new drainage system was dug, a new
catchpit added and new pipes placed in the trench under the A6 bridge.
The chance was also taken to use the ladle to clear some of the catch
pits already there. Once the trench is backfilled tomorrow, the
northern end of the main line will be dozed and sprayed up ready for
concrete sleepers to be dropped next Tuesday.

So Tomorrow the loco will travel from Shottle to Duffield and work as
required before bringing the train back to Wirksworth


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