Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wed 25th Nov

Evenin' all,

Yet another fairly intensive day at Duffield, the old main line
through the platform was removed, the rails measured and stored for
reuse. and a start made on uplifting plates spikes etc. The lange
quantity of tree root balls was also moved from site. It is so much
easier now that we can split and shunt trains there now.

At Shottle, the S&T dept completed the installation of rodding nd
interlocking, for the time being. The two trap points protecting the
Engineers siding and the north end of the Loop have had their rodding
disconnected again until SMS are updated and further training is given.

Back at base, the logging dept are now down to chopping twigs in order
to keep the home fires burning. They will have a large delivery soon.

Lynette continued to tidy the gardens around the Wirksworth site as
preperations continue to get the place ready for the Santa specials.

The Car park was full of comings and goings, with three tested
vehicles departing whilst tomorrows test vehicles started arriving.

Tomorrow sees continuing work at Duffield, clearin out the old main
line ready for the dig and start of the new layout at Duffield South,
next week.As stated above there is another whole line test tomorrow.


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