Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wed 18th Nov

Evenin' all,

Firstlt, for those of you in the Derby Evening Telegraph area, we have
a half page article in this evening's edition regarding the filming
that took place last week.

Today was a soggy day following overnight storms. The Komatsu didnt
want to wake up this morning but eventually drove down to Duffield
(steel wheels on steel rails with lashings of water makes for an
interesting journey, and an even more interesting jouney back, but the
lights on it are brilliant) 5 panels of rails were laid on our Main
Line at Duffield, taking us from Duffield North to south of the A 6
bridge, about 2 panels have been clipped up. The trackwork north of the
A6 is now just about in its final format apart from welding and stoning
up - very smart it looks too.

S&T completed the connections to the Shottle North Loop Trap point,
this was proved before being disconnected for the time being until the
whole frame is commissioned.

The Carriage dept retired inside their new workshop, and spent the day
fitting insulation board.

Lynette braved the elements and managed some gardening, whilst the
logging dept contented themselves with chopping some small sticks

Tomorrow sees more testing of vehicles, the Per way team will be
reporting directly to Duffile to complete clipping up, and spacing

Next week we expect to start stripping out the Duffield track,
starting at the Stop Block and moving north through the platform -
think of it, no more bags of chopped up leaves and mobile bonfires-in-


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