Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wed 11th Nov

Evenin' all,
The two minutes silence fell exactly at 1100. All locos and
machinery was shut down. This was followed by the annual mystery tour
for working members. This celebrated our brown year on the line. There
are many working members, who carry out roles which do not involve
leaving Wirksworth. This is the chance for all to have a ride to every
part of our network to see what progress has been made. This year the
Met Cam 2 car set ran onto the loop at Duffield, and members had a
chance to see where the VCT had opened up vast swathes of the former
green/brown tunnel and there are now vistas all along the line. The new
layout at Duffield was also seen in close up. Now that the new
sleepers are in place, one can imagine the final layout.

On the way down the line, the Council were busy at Gorsey Bank
crossing where the road has been planed off and resurfaced, and on the
return leg, there was traffic mayhem at Idridgehay. Two No were trying
to reverse back to the main road as a large cement mixer was driving up
in the opposite direction, a local farmer overtook the mixer on the
grass. Whilst they were trying to sort themselves out, we nipped
smartly across.

Today was also a working day though, The rails have been lifted from
Wirksworth car park and loaded ready for their journey to Duffield, as
were other track components. The DST had a further test firing of the
boiler of No 3 ready for its steam test tomorrow.

Harsco Rail, also turned up to test out another vehicle, they were
able to haul their test loads up and down Line 1 to their hearts

Many thanks to Dorothy, Fred and Iris and Helen assisted by Pat for
the fantastic Buffet Lunch provided for the anniversary trip - this
year there was a plentiful supply.

Tomorrow sees much testing work so all staff should report to

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