Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday 17th Nov

Evenin' all,

A nice dry but coolish day saw a great deal of work done.

A vehicle was on test and carried out its duties well.

The DST returned to earth after their euphoria last week. The boiler
was carefully lifted into the frame of No3. Twiggs were in attendance
and managed to carry out some work in connection with the fitting.The
loco is starting to look more like a steam engine. Although several
months work is still required, the end appears to be in sight.

S&T had a busy day digging holes for the rodding stools at Shottle
North, for the Loop trap point. They also managed to get some rodding
in. The lads from the Per way team provided plenty of muscle to assist
the digging, as they waited for the testing to be completed. After
lunch the Per way team returned to Derby Road (4) and changed 14
sleepers, which was not bad for about 3 hours.

The VCT were also at Shottle, they completed the removal of the quick
thorn at Shottle North , this was quickly consumed by fire. The fencing
team strung 4 wires on the new fence from the north end of Shottle
platform as far as the foot crossing, these wires still need
tensioning. (As we were approaching Shottle on the test vehicle, it was
most impressive to see so much 'orange' at Shottle)

The Carriage Team continued decorating their container/workshop, which
is now starting to look smart - they have been in touch with S&T and
have struck a deal to purchase offcuts of their new white shagpile
carpet for the froor! The smell of paint also brought out the Passenger
Service Manager who continued work on upgrading the canopy of the
Booking Hall.

The Gatex coaches were replumbed and plugged in as well as having a
deep clean following last week's filming. The Mess Room also benefitted
from its weekly clean.

And finally, work has started in the vicinity of the former Vodaphone
building at Duffield, to clear the site and amend the fenceline.

Tomorrow sees work on railing up our main line at Duffield. So
everyone apart from loco crew to attend at Duffield, where the new
rails will be laid and clipped up - real progress!


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