Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tuesday 10th November 2009

Dear all
I am a humble (no - not really) substitute for Phil who is joining Neil to talk to Duffield Parish Council this evening. The Works Train set sail for Shottle this morning and LJB carried on light engine to Duffield in order to move the Sturgeon as required. Deputy Komatsu Operator Thomas unloaded the 140 or so concrete sleepers from the Sturgeon to form the first part of the "main line" from the Duffield North crossover to south of the A6 bridge and the Sturgeon was tripped back to Wirksworth. The Works Train team paused at Shottle to load a wagon with logs and DRE fitted further parts to Shottle South Junction. The Komatsu was staged back to Wirksworth so as to be available to load rails which will be placed on the newly laid sleepers next week.
The VCT had mechanical assistance in the form of a post hole borer to enable them to erect the new fence line on the Up (East) side of the line there. This was accompanied by the customary brush clearance and fire.
We hosted a whole line test of a French made machine that was put through its paces to enable it to be accepted to work with a Network Rail contractor. Opportunity was taken to show the contractor our many specialised facilities for testing road/rail vehicles. This provided the first outing for the newly restored escort Landrover and mighty fine it looks too. The new Carriage Dept. were occupied in lining out their new container both to help them keep warm and also provide somewhere to hang their calendars.
The Dream Steam Team conducted further preparation for their formal boiler test on Thursday. The products of Stuart's behind the scenes work in preparing for the upcoming Track Safety courses were viewed together with his draft of a revised incident procedure process. Much very good work.
A productive and profitable day.