Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tues 3rd Nov

Evenin' all,

A day of sunshine and heavy showers.

Steam was raised in the boiler 0f N03 today after its build. Several
small teething problems were found and rectified. A further test takes
place tomorrow prior to its official test next week.

The S&T dept were at Shottle to take delivery of various large bits
and pieces for building into the Shottle north complex, they then
returned to Wirksworth to carry on the refurb of their mobile workshop.

The VCT carried out clearance work at Shottle in order to get the
fenceline north of the platform into its correct position, the old
fence was cleared of its various wire strands and the area was cleared
of some of the brash. The team managed a large fire. The flail head was
further strengthened.

At Duffield a start was made on digging our mainline the clean ballast
was used on the Loop and the base was dumpered to the car park and was
dozed out at close of play. A second gand started resleepering north
from the tunnel, in the Wet Bed area and managed a good 11 sleepers -
every one was fighting them. By way of entertainment, a Spitfire was
acrrying out a flypast for us just before lunch, For five minutes we
were enthralled as it swept around on a low level circuit - much to the
pleasure of our ex R/R members.

Back at base The Mess room had its weekly clean and the Logging Dept
had a few bags of logs made ready for customers. Work also continued on
Santa's Grotto.

Tomorrow sees work continuing at Duffield with the installation of
more drains and a continuation of the digging/dozing.


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