Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tues 24th Nov

Evenin' all,

Firstly, a very productive day at Duffield. The Stop Block from
Shottle was loaded as well as more pointwork and Check Rails. This was
offloaded at Duffield this afternoon, the old Stop Block was uplifted
and loaded to train before going back to Shottle. Other materials were
put on the platform at Duffield, ready to go back in during the next
couple of weeks. The Stop Block at Duffield had a 'broken leg' and was
not suitable for the end of the Main Line. A small but very productive

S&T were busy at Shottle with a 'roun-tuit' day following their
intense activity, some snagging and tweaking took place.

VCT were in much evidence at Derby Road 4 bridge again and managed two
fires. In addition the mile posts in the vicinity were glossed. Each
time we go down the line more views are being opened up.

The DST had another head of steam, checking for any small leaks etc
following the Boiler Inspector's visit

A further 110v power supply was added to the Maintenance Facility at
Wirksworth, and further up the yard, the carriage Dept continued to
line out their facility, with real woodchip!

Tomorrow sees Per way at Duffield where the old main line will be
taken out and components removed


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