Thursday, 5 November 2009

Progress Thursday 5th November 2009

Dear all
A day of mixed fortunes for our enterprise that included a couple of builders bags being delivered containing the "Pandrol" clips required for the Duffield relaying project - these humble bags represent £3000 of investment - there is nothing cheap in the rail industry.
The VCT assembled at Wirksworth to bottom the repairs to the flail head for the Komatsu 130 and having declared success took the machine to Shottle where it thoroughly flailed the Up (east) side of the estate between Shottle North Junction and Shottle platform after all the old fence posts had been extracted. This will enable a new fence line to be established at a correct distance from the line. The machine was then left at Shottle ready for work at Duffield next week.
The Works Train was recovered from Duffield and transferred back to Wirksworth and The Jolly Roger began to take shape ready for Christmas. This is another Rod and Mary creation that may eclipse all that has happened in the past!
DRE have fitted the facing point lock to Shottle South Junction together with most of the necessary stretcher bars firmly securing the point out of use until some time in the future. A small but vital contribution has been the fitting of safety pins to the "de luxe" Landrover and Multicar. I understand a well known member is working through the night to repair the steps into the tool van and I applaud his endeavours.
Duffield witnessed the completion of the revised drainage system and this was proved by a steady flow of water. Preparation of the "main line" track bed for 6 track panels will allow next week's planned work to proceed and the headshunt has received some of the recovered ballast. The reusable ballast has been satisfactorily used in the new loop line and the unsuitable contaminated stone graded out on what will become our Duffield car park. The work at Duffield this week has been most successful and, as ever, the main achievement that has resolved the drainage system will be seen by nobody we will dine out on the success for long as memories remain in tact.
A word of caution to all who are active on our project. Today the Duffield team were only two plus Phil and the mini digger driver. We will not achieve our objective of opening next year with this size of turn out and the penalties for failure are harsh (financially).
May I suggest that those of you who want to make it all happen on time look at your annual leave entitlement and see whether you can book off a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday to give our regulars some moral and physical support. If you are less able, everyone welcomes a warm cup of tea, sandwiches, soup, cake, three course lunch etc. etc.