Thursday, 26 November 2009

Progress Thursday 26th October 2009

Dear all
A pleasantly busy day where we entertained a further MyTestTrack customer whose work was based at Wirksworth. However, an opportunity was taken to show the customer's staff our whole line and the various features we offer for testing. A lone Carriage Department representative continued the time consuming job of lining out their 40 ft container and we anxiously await the coaches that go with it.
The VCT completed the Shottle fence installation and then moved back to bridge DJW 6 south of Postern Lodge to create two fires and further improve the views for future passengers. The flail head received an undercoat following the strengthening work designed to improve its reliability.
DRE concentrated on the fence and ground levels around Shottle North Ground Frame and then transferred their attentions to Duffield for further measuring up and planning for Duffield North Ground Frame.
The Permanent Way Team occupied themselves with clearing the track bed of the "main line" adjacent to the platform revealing that there were only 22 reusable sleeper produced from this length. The decrepit sleeper remains were largely transported off site to rot down even more over the years and on the return journey to Wirksworth gathered a load of logs for the Logging Dept.