Thursday, 19 November 2009

Progress Thursday 19th November 2009

Dear all
A pleasantly mild and dry day with productivity at high levels. There was a an unusually large permanent way team attended Duffield and completed the clipping up the new laid rail, adjusting sleeper spacing, tightening fishplates and fitting rail clamps together with packing and levelling sleepers on the "new" main line. The lone Duffield station guardian was moving brash off site as the end approaches for his vegetation trolley storage area. Work is proceeding satisfactorily towards the annexation of the former Vodaphone building.
Further north the VCT attacked an area just south of bridge DJW 4 with four trees felled and a large fire to consume the brash. Their newly liveried Landrover fair gleamed in the watery sunshine and I am sure they will have taken great care to ensure it has remained immaculate. Before their journey to DJW 4 they all but completed the Shottle fencing work including an area around Shottle North Junction.
DRE achieved around 50% of the rodding run for the Shottle Siding Trap Point and fitted the drive stretcher bar to this installation. Some 20 coach screws were inserted to the existing cranks as part of this snagging work.
Monday's test customer returned to complete their tasks which were all within Wirksworth Yard aided by weights loaded by our Komatsu 130. The Komatsu then crossed the road into Milltech for attention to two punctured inner tyres.
Another feature of note is that when I reported a telephone fault to BT today, I actually spoke to a real person - is this a first?
Another very good day.