Thursday, 12 November 2009

Progress Thursday 12th November 2009

Dear all
Yet another very significant day for our Railway as Ferrybridge No3 passed its boiler test. Many congratulations are due to the Dream Steam Team who have worked so hard to raise the funds for this project and the gang who have applied these funds to the many hours of physical work necessary for this magnificent achievement. The Ecclesbourne Valley Railways has entered the steam age!
More gratitude is due to the early starters that have worked very hard through the day to prepare the ground for a significant commercial task tomorrow that had been brought forward at very short notice from its planned date of next Wednesday. In the process D8001 has had a great deal of attention to restore its fluids with a thorough mechanical and electrical inspection concluding with a wash and brush up.
Ravenstor and the Yard received a track inspection and the transposition of some "Panlock" chair fittings for the more normal sprung steel keys. The "Panlock" fittings are to be recycled for use at Duffield.
A test customers arrived with five units, one more than planned, and processed to and from Duffield creating an unusual photo opportunity and earning satisfactory funds for the enterprise. This was a long process which was concluded on the Incline a dusk fell.
The VCT reported a further successful day at Shottle with all fence posts planted on the new fence line together with more brush clearance and a satisfactory burn up. Also at Shottle the north loop trap point had additional fittings applied and DRE then returned to Wirksworth to manufacture strange equipment associated with the point rodding required. (This means it is difficult for a layman to completely understand what they have done all day!)
The Carriage Dept. continues to lavish love on their new container with a little roof painting and sealing to deal with a few leaks caused by its hard life on the high seas and port handling equipment.
Another very good day.