Sunday, 29 November 2009

Progress Sunday 29th November 2009

Dear all,

A damp start which cleared as the day wore on. In the Booking Hall,
Paxton Enterprises, having sold the entire pie supply to our starving
volunteers, proceeded to deal with the vampires in our small but
perfectly formed toilets. Meanwhile, an enlarged S&T team entertained
the locals of Gorsey Bank by tightening their nuts in public. The Gorsey
Bank gates being rather saggy have now been inspected, adjusted,
greased, and tightened, and will now swing closed in the merest
hurricane. Consequently our guards and crossing keepers need no longer
invest in a giant economy pack of Raljex ("provides fast, warming
relief") to ease their aching muscles every time the gates are used.
Following this effort, S&T returned to the leisurely task of measuring
up for the shagpile in the S&T box van, erroneously referred to as
"fitting out".

The steam team put in a surprise appearance and proceeded to begin
cladding the boiler and make additional grate bars for Ferrybridge No3.
Also in the engineerium the class 119 Appreciation Society spent a
useful day wire brushing the rusting parts of that vehicle, noteably the
floor, and painting it and themselves anti-corrosion green; much of the
day was also spent freeing up the interior door wheels.

The Duty Conscript was attached to the serious business of removing pile
from the car park, and this also took most of the day. In so far as the
conscript is having several weeks with us, the piles will take up most
of his time, this may educate him in the concept of hell, particularly
as he had an argument with a recalcitrant wheelbarrow in the process,
though in so far as the conscript comes from B*xt*n he may well be
familiar with the concept of hell already. The drains were of course not
absent from our hearts and proved to be the destination for the removal
of some of the said piles.

All the best,