Sunday, 22 November 2009

Progress Sunday 22nd November 2009

Dear all,

A damp and blustery winter day saw a successful charter to Idridgehay
and paperwork in the Booking Hall, thus keeping our cadets off the streets.

In the yard almost the entire and utter Class 119 Appreciation Society
turned up for a day of piping, scraping and staining, making
considerable progress on that vehicle once the secret hacksaw supply was

In S&T, plans were progressed for the Duffield North shunting frame and
a yard wide search for angle iron took place.

Also in the yard, despite the lack of conscripts both yesterday and
today the up headshunt cess was further cleared and is now flowing
nicely from the buffer stop all the way to the Waterfall drain, so that
one need no longer find that walking to the headshunt results in being
completely cacked up. The incline cess being the next on the list at Mr
Tarry's request, the very moment the crime rate increases again.

A surprise digger turned up at 4pm and we duly locked it up for the night.

All the best,