Sunday, 1 November 2009

Progress Sunday 1st November

Dear all,

A day of torrential rain followed by high winds, slight sunshine and
further rain at Wirksworth. A hardy band of volunteers and wet
conscripts attended to various tidying up tasks and attempted to deal
with some drainage issues arising from the morning's appalling weather.
The waterfall lived up to its name as water thundered down from Spring
Lane and the water level through the culvert rose to nearly 2/3rds of
its diameter. Two bystanders from Exeter watched in bemusement as water
sprayed the best part of a metre horizontally out of the Baileycroft
tunnel dock retaining wall and eventually blew the end off the tunnel
drain. This could not be immediately resolved but can no doubt be dealt
with once the torrent has subsided. The up side headshunt cess was
partly dug out to deal with flooding and this could be taken right up to
the end of the headshunt to dry the trackbed out out on a further occasion.

Despite the downpour a great deal of banging continued at Cemetery Lane
as the steam team continued their attempts to remove the foundation ring
from locomotive Henry Ellison. It was with some satisfaction that the
team later reported that Henry has had his ring removed, and peace
descended on the yard. Over at Mrs Miggins, the DMU team continued their
work on the Met Cam centre car: painting and ducting cleaning was taking
place and also wiring, which resulted in a successful trial of the
interior lights for the first time. On the electrical front it was found
that the recurring failure of the webcams has been apparently due to a
fault in the wireless access point power transformer, this has been
resolved by a modest purchase from RF Potts and will be monitored to see
if we have made the correct deduction; on the minus side, efforts to
remove the resident spider have resulted in the station webcam now being
out of focus. This will be dealt with as soon as we have finished
banging our heads against the wall.

In other news, the finance department has been addressing end-of-year
issues, often by phoning when the Duty Manager was up to his thighs in
mud, and the Station Superintendent at Duffield has reported that
tidying up has taken place in readyness for next week.

All the best,