Saturday, 28 November 2009

Progress Saturday 28th November 2009

Dear all,

A sunny winter day in which the brass monkeys of the Peak District had
been warned to lag their balls by the Met Office. In the event we
gathered around the warm glow of the Mess Room tea boiler and barely
felt the chill. A walking party charter took place this morning and so
we duly despatched about 20 passengers to Idridgehay at 10.00 am. The
Booking Hall celebrated the morning's profits by putting up the
Christmas decorations. ASM Woodhouse celebrated by repairing a bench.
The Model Railway team celebrated by buying another R120 medium radius
left hand point.

In the yard the brass monkeys were to be found under the Met Cam working
on the "new" engine, but declared themselves rather satisfied by the end
of the day, although further work is required, considerable progress was
made. The duty conscript (Adrian Mole aged 8 3/4) appears to have a
future as a drainage engineer and work continued on the up headshunt
drain followed by the down headshunt drain, discovering another pipe in
the process and returning to the Mess Room slutched up to the armpits in
the time-honoured manner. Manuel Labour is a fine thing, as they say in

All the best
Mike Evans via Anton