Saturday, 14 November 2009

Progress Saturday 14th November 2009

Hi all,
A day which seemed to start off promising but it soon descended into a bitterley cold affair, with frequent heavy rain showers and very strong winds. Never mind though, it didn't deter the progress.
Whilst it was sunny this morning, the opportunity was taken to move the Gatex into Platform 2 after yesterday and wash off all of the green slime that has run down from the gutters over the years. This task would be impossible normally so it was an opportunity that could not be missed. This delightful role was, of course, tasked to the duty conscript and it now looks much better.
The booking hall was open for business and took a reasonable amount of money considering the weather. Significant progress was made on a new canopy on the front of the "building" to replace the rotten one. The Passenger Services Manager reports that there was more progress on this task than he was expecting but there could potentially have been more had he not had to keep stopping to serve customers! At the end of the day, the PA system received fitters attention and it now meets Wirksworth sound clarity legislation, perfect for next year's cadets duet. The model railway progressed as well, whilst some very technical thing was done just across the way which will apparently help with Shottle ground frame.
The main thrust of the day was to make a start in changing the faulty engine on 51505 that hasn't been in use since 2007. Considering the weather, very good progress was made with this. The faulty engine had all of the necessary parts removed to allow it to be free (fuel lines, coolant lines, electrics etc) and was then removed with the aid of a forklift. Some useful parts will be exchanged to the new engine before the new engine is hung up and connected. With an engine missing, it is important to note that the unit is currently out of service.
An extremely productive day,
Mike Evans via Leigh

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