Monday, 30 November 2009

Progress Monday 30th November 2009

Dear all
A bitterly cold day that saw a few brave souls in action. The Class 20 was started and run for a while to ensure its available for use when necessary and the rather noisy effects reflected that it too doesn't relish the cold.
The dmu team spent all day under E51505 in their quest to energise the new engine. They reported that the end is in sight for this difficult process that would have been carried out in a nice warm shed when the vehicle was in BR service.
LJB was fed and watered and formed up tomorrow's works train requirements and the IMT dealt with emergency repairs to the hand points that control the entry to Road 3.
The Komatsu was in use at Duffield as rails from the "main line" were stacked to be out of the way for the planned mini digger work that will occupy the next three days. Opportunity was taken to gather a further selection of very life expired sleepers ready for loading and transport to their retirement home.
Not a bad day when everyone's extremities were at risk from frost bite.
Apart from the train crew all the permanent way team are required at Duffield tomorrow for the next exciting instalment.