Monday, 16 November 2009

Progress Monday 16th November 2009

Dear all
After the frenzied activity last week I had thought today may be somewhat of an anticlimax. However, today's test customer arrived with two vehicles and two trailers as part of a two day exercise for today and Thursday and as darkness fell a fifth vehicle arrived for test tomorrow.
Today's test involved two of the vehicles undertaking the test course attended by our escort Landrover and the late afternoon was spent loading the trailers with test weights for Thursday. Pat and Mike returned after a successful weekend at the Burton Model Railway Exhibition but had to leave their trailer behind with a wheel defect. This was rectified during the day and successfully returned to Wirksworth this afternoon. It is often not noticed how much effort is required to serve these outside venues.
The IMT patrolled the Ravenstor and Gorsey Bank lines. Time was spent on oiling and greasing all the pointwork at Wirksworth including being introduced to the mysteries of checking the close fit of those equipped with a facing point lock.
A lone painter tended to the interior of Ferrybridge No 3's cab prior to it being reunited with the locomotive tomorrow.
PS - the plot for tomorrow is for LJB to travel light engine Wirksworth to Shottle and all but the train crew should go straight to Shottle for a group roller stool planting followed by a trip to bridge DJW4 for sleeper changing. Men and tools to be dropped off and train returned to Shottle to permit test vehicle to pass. When test vehicle returns from Duffield train to return to DJW4, berth Works Train at Shottle at end of day and LJB to return LE to Wirksworth - is that clear?