Friday, 6 November 2009

Progress Friday 6th November 2009

Dear all
A pleasant start to the day but the weather deteriorated as the afternoon wore on. Nonetheless, the third steaming of Ferrybridge No3 was a resounding success enhanced by a borrowed traction engine chimney. The boiler reached 160 psi and the safety valves lifted to plan - smiles all round.
DRE continued fabribrication of parts needed for Shottle South Junction and the platforms had a good clean up by a young offender and his supervisor.
The Rolling Stock Engineer freed off dragging brakes that had manifested themselves on the returning Works Train yesterday and then joined the dmu team as they continued work on a new engine fitted to the Class 119. There was friendly, I think, banter between steam and diesel teams as the smoke from the test gently drifted over them.