Friday, 27 November 2009

Progress Friday 27th November 2009

Dear all
Somewhat of another landmark day with the arrival of coping stones and tactiles that will be incorporated with the rebuild of Duffield Station platform. This substantial investment is stored in the Wirksworth Station car park until such time as the work can commence sometime in the Spring of 2010.
A generous donation of logs was placed at the disposal of the Logging Department with the balance of the wagon load left on the Car Park Siding for a customer this weekend. Ruston D2971 was placed on the north end of the Car Pak Siding ready for its departure to a new home on the Telford Steam Railway during this evening. Ferrybridge No3 was shunted as requested to the north end of the Maintenance Facility to minimise rusting of its brightwork.
DRE was prevailed upon to assist with dmu repairs and the dmu team struggled with the reconnection of E51505's new engine, a task that is taxing their combined resources as it is not quite an exact replacement.