Friday, 20 November 2009

Progress Friday 20th November 2009

Dear all
Another mainly pleasant day with yet another test customer bringing two vehicles to be put through their paces including a session on the specially canted track at Gorsey Bank. We also welcomed a team from Sperry Rail on a training day with their "walking sticks" that are used to verify the results from their on train equipment. They were most enthusiastic about the results achieved.
DRE was in manufacturing mode before turning to Duffield for a survey in connection with the point work to be laid at the south end of the station. As Phil has advised further major work their is planned for the next couple of weeks that will see the final layout take shape.
The dmu team were out in force to change the flywheel on the new engine being prepared for installation on E51505, part of the two car Metro-Cammell set.This is to be the main train for our Santa services so all efforts are being made to ensure travel to the grotto is as efficient as it can be. The dmu team also hosted guest that wished to understand and gain practical experience of the rail wheel interface. This is related to the possibilities of further test work.
A journey was made to Sheffield to recover the repaired impact wrench and deliver our second machine for some tlc.