Monday, 23 November 2009

Mon 23rd Nov

Evenin' all,

What can only be described as a very wet day!

A mini digger was on hand to reload some bags of ballast in the
carpark - previous bio-degradable bags did! So new ones were brought in
and more stone was added to get our stock up again. This task took a
couple of hours, then we decided to try to cure the lake in the car
park around the stop block. A trench was dug and then the torrential
rain started The water overwhelmed the Catch pit . A break was taken
before getting back to work. a new drainage pipe has now been laid and
backfilled - we wait to see how it behaves. arrangements are in hand
to strengthen the ring of that pit.

The IMT took a trip down the line and were able to maintain the drains
ditches. Several places were flooded, they also noted the main road was
flooded as well.

A very, very wet day.

Tomorrow sees work at Shottle with much loading and moving of
material. Hopefully the train will reach Duffield in the afternoon for
unloading. Both lines at Duffield will be used.


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