Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wed 7th Oct

Evenin' all,

Once again the main thrust of activity has been at Duffield where the
per way team cut the final rail for the crossover and drilled some
joints. Some of the uplifted spoil dug out last week,was then brought
back by dumper and dropped in the crossover. This was then jacked into
a better looking state befor being packed. After lunch, another load of
concrete sleepers were dropped. There was rarely a minute that we were
not being viewed by people on the A6 bridge or the flats. Without
exception we had positive feedback from people that we spoke to.

Whilst at Duffield, a structures examiner paid a visit to check on the
state of the footbridge near Holloway Road.

Back at base, some black heat resistant paint was applied to the
boiler to provide a protective coating. The Booking Hall was also open

Tomorrow sees the Class 20 running from Wirksworth Light Engine with
others turning up at Duffield, hopefully the remaining sleepers will be
laid in the Loop, as well as more fettling of the crossover. The Works
Train will return to Wirksworth in the afternoon.


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