Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wed 28th Oct

Evenin' all,

Such a nice day that at duffield, luncheon was taken in the open air
on the platform - not bad for the end of October!

The big job tpoday was to remove all of the sleepers from the first
part of the main line at Duffield. Out of the 240 odd sleepers, we
recovered 25 good ones. there were many thatmay make siding quality,
most were sponsored by John Innes, and had to be removed using a
shovel. The opportunity was also taken to remove the remains of the old
telephone insulators that were under the A6 bridge, these were no
problem when there was no track there but could give someone a new
parting if they were not paying attention. The stone dropped yesterday
was spread around, and many voids under the concrete sleepers were
filled. It also makes it easier to align the tracks when the time is
due.A start was made of screwing down the northen Headshunt at
Duffield north.

Elsewhere, the S&T dept continued with their van conversion into a
workshop. Their new stove arrived, and a plate made for the lighting
battery box. Rubbing down of the vehicle exterior also started, prior
to painting in a suitable colour (this work will be carried out by the
S&T dept - before any one else charges in with a paintbrush).

The Mess room recieved more attention to its roof and exterior. These
portable buildings were secondhand or older when we got them, and we
are increasing their life by quite a margin. It means that all platform
buildings are at least presentable.

Another Battery Loco arrived for testing L51 arrived this afternoon
and will be with us for a few days.

The Logging department were in attendance, and demanding more

Tomorrow sees more work at Duffield before the works train returns to
Wirksworth in the afternoon.


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