Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wed 21st Oct

Evenin' all,

Once again all of the action took place at Duffield. More rails were
moved, more concrete sleepers added, 3.5 panels clipped down, some
rails shortened. The new loophas now reached the platform area, where a
final panel will be added tomorrow - it will be completed once the
pointwork at Duffield south has been installed. We have very nearly run
out of Pandrol 401's and are searching everywhere for the final panel,
after all we dont want those wishy-washy, fly-away 'e'clips.

At Wirksworth, tumbleweed blew down the platform area. The 'Sit and
Talk' team carried on upgrading their mobile base, the cream dralon
three piece suite will no doubt be arriving shortly. There is a mass of
material to be sorted in their mobile workshop.

Martin had a very nice letter from the BBC thanking us for recent work
-it makes life worthwhile!.

Tomorroe sees work continuing at Duffield.


Recycle mobile phones and earn -