Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Wed 14th Oct

Evenin' all,

Another fine autumn day once again saw the Per Way team in action.
There was a good turnout so we split into three seperate gangs which
really produced results. Firstly the new crossover at Duffield North
has been fully screwed dowm, which, as I said last night is a major
task with litteraly hundreds of screws to be drilled and fitted to
hardwood sleepers, three drill bits were worn out in this exercise.
The second team took the works train to Hazlewood and replaced 11
sleepers . This ties in very nicely with work tjhere tomorrow. Another
team transported the rails for the Duffield north headshunt to site and
lifted them into place. This was interesting as we used up items that
would otherwise be scrapped. The rail was 85lb BH, the chairs were
S2's, the fishplates were the 4.5" centered ones and the sleepers were
mainly siding quality. The material used is between 60 - 100 years old,
and puts the headshunt back where it ws.( I wonder if we can get a
grant for restoring very old track.)

Back at base the Passenger dept had their huddle to discuss the year's
progress and to come up with next year's winning formula and to make a
start on timetables. A great many changes will take place next year
with the long awaited opening to Duffield (hopefully). More phone calls
were recieved in the Booking Hall and a few sightseers popped in. More
planning for the Santa specials took place.

Tomorrow the VCT will be working at Hazlewood with a machine and loads
of stone. they will create the mini RRAP so that their vehicle can on
and off track there. Per way staff to treport to Wirksworth. We have
whole line testing, but the stone train is required to drop stone at
Postern Lodge (and plough it) as well as at Hazlewood (not ploughed)
the train will then also pick up the works train at Duffield - all this
to be fitted in with the testing.

Tomorrow's movements will see the last trains over our existing main
line in Duffield, next week the rails will be transferred to the Loop
before the main line is dug out and completely rebuilt - exciting

Forget the rest, get the best -