Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tues 6th Oct

Evenin' all,

Now that the marquee has gone from Wirksworth, it has been a wet sort
of day.

The Per way team were at Duffield, and ran out wooden sleepers in the
tunnel, they also managed to change 8 sleepers inside the tunnel - they
are now heading north.

The one man S&T team spent the day in his hutch, and has now sorted
the materials ready for Duffield north.

The one man Dream Steam Team continued on his lonely quest to rebuild
No3, after the excitement of the boiler returning last week, most of
them feel quite drained!

Srerry Rail 242 completed its testing and recalibrating, and has now
been loaded up and is on its way to Spain.

The VCT attacked the land around Derby Road No 4 (DJW 6), they managed
a large fire.

The C&W dept checked the oil pots of what wagons were left at
Wirksworth - routine but important work.

A visit was made off site to check on some further materials for
eventual use at Duffield

Tomorrow sees the Class 20 running Light Engine to Duffield and more
sleeper laying and work on the crossover.


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