Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tues 27th Oct

Evenin' all,

An extremely warm and muggy day with a slight dampness first thing.

The Dream Steam Team continued progress with No 3. The fire bars were
added, as well as the safety valves and other fittings, by close of
play, the boiler had been filled with water ready to start testing.
Progress is rapid at the moment and we keep our fingers crossed.

The VCT had a big group at Shottle, close to the new groundframe at
Shottle North, they managed two fires, They dropped several trees on
the eastern (Up) side, but it is reported that one tree got its own
back and attacked the chain saw.

The Per way team saw extensive action at Duffield, firstly 48 tons of
28mm packing stone was dropped, and a start made on basic packing of
the track, the remaining stone was added to the RRAP at Hazlewood which
is slowly increasing in size.. All the old base plates and spikes were
collected from the former main line and moved to a storage container
(this amounted to several hundred) . A start was then made on removing
and sorting the sleepers These sleepers or parts thereof will be
removed from the site. The Works train ran over the new Loop on several
occasions, and many photos were taken! A sleeper RRAP was created at
the southern end of the Loop to assist vehicles on and off tracking.

The S&T side also attended Duffield North and started their
ministrations to the crossover, with several bits being fitted.They
also started work on Shottle South as well.

Back at Base, both the Mess room and the Training room received a
visit from the housekeeping staff, it must be said that Fred and Iris
as well as Dorothey spend time on a regular basis tidying up after us,
their roles play an important part of our welfare.

Tomorrow work continues at Duffield, so staff are required to report


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