Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tues 20th Oct

Evenin' all,

Well, it started as a nice day but went downhill from lunchtime, it is
reported that some people packed up and went home!
At Duffield, a fairly large gang quickly got into its stride carefully
ripping out the rails from our former main line and transferring them
to the concrete sleepered loop. It is true to say that the rails under
the A6 bridge were reluctant to to leave their nice cosy chairs. Once
again the Komatsu proved its worth. by the end of play, 5 pnels of
rails had been transferred , and nearl 4 panels had been clipped down.
We are now well clear of the A6 bridge, and once again we had an
audience for some of the time.

At Shottle, the VCT fielded a good team, and seeing as their Landrover
is being refurbed, they started clearing just north of Shottle and
managed 2 big fires.

At Wirksworth, one of our testing clients, so enjoyed our Corporate
event recently that they have arranged an event of their own for their
clients and potential end-users.

More fittings were added to the boiler of No 3 and its steam test has
been booked for two weeks time. The Starter M|otor for LJB has been
repaired and awaits refitting on Friday.

The S&T team started fitting out their van, it is reported that there
was much discussion where the plasma TV should go, They are now kitting
the van out as a mobile workshop/store..

Folowing the busy weekend, more sorting of stock took place in the
EVRA shop, The cleaning/housekeeping staff also turned up to
clean/restock the facilities.The Booking Hall was also open for a while
dealing with the usual calls and enquiries re Santa.

A NR representative started on a Structures examination of the line.
This is extreemly useful as it gives us an independent report on the
condition of our many bridges and culverts.

Tomorrow sees more serious trackwork at Duffield, when most of the
loop should be put in. Once again, there are no trains running down to
Duffield, so everyone to report to the Duffield Mess


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