Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tues 13th Oct

Evenin' all,

A nice autumnal day after a chilly start. Another daay with activity
covering the whole line.
The DST had a big turnout at Wirksworth yard with boiler fittings
going back onto the boiler of N03, This was to get it ready for its
steam test. Further paiinting of the water tank was also undertaken. On
the diesel side, Hydra recieved more TLC and the fuel pump was taken
off Tommy for repairs to be carried out.

The Booking Hall was open for business and to take enquiries for Santa
as well as answering questions for the upcoming Model Railway
exhibition. More paint was applied to the platform, some even found its
way onto the Mess room.

The VCT were again concentrating around Derby Road 4 bridge (DJW6),
they managed a two fire day and also managed to repaint 2 more
mileposts in the area.

The Per way team were again busy at Duffield, wher a start was made on
screwing down the new crossover at Duffield north. By the end of the
day the rails were gauged and about 50% screwed down. You must realise
that ther are several hundred holes to be drilled and screws fitted -
mostly into Jarrah hardwood. The drilling produces a most acrid smell,
which we have decided comes from koala wee! One of the existing catch
pits was moved over ready for rerailing.

Roddders was also present during the day and tidyed up his compound,
and rubbed down a bench ready for painting. he continued clearing brash
from Duffield and transporting it right down to the stop block, before
trimming it into bags, before taking it back to the platform ready to
load it onto his trailer and taking it home to go in his recycling

Tomorrow sees work at Duffield to ensure that all of the pointwork is
screwed down. We have a customer passing over it on Thursday. If we
have sufficient labour, a team will be sent to another location for
some urgent sleeper replacement.


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