Thursday, 22 October 2009

Thursday 22nd October 2009

Dear all
A more equal north/south divide today with the Duffield Permanent Way team drawing the first phase of the project near to completion. All sleepers and rail are in place in the loop with two panels clipped up today and a third, the last for the time being, positioned for clipping up tomorrow. The final length of the loop will be determined when the southern point is positioned and the collection of tree stumps taken north.
The plot for next week at Duffield will be to take some "packing" ballast from Wirksworth to Duffield on Tuesday to fine tune the alignment of the loop and cleanse the site of scrap for loading to a skip at Shottle. The objective is to be ready for the mini digger to return the week after to deal with further drainage work and clear the track bed for the "main line" renewal. The realisation of the value of the scrap will go someway to meet the £3,000 required to buy Pandrol clips necessary for the "main line" renewal!
In the north there was much activity in the Car Park as Harsco Rail had a training day for Network Rail on their rail lifting equipment. They were very grateful for the efforts made by Dorothy, Iris and Fred to provide lunch and particularly appreciative of Dorothy's warming home made soup on a cold and wet day. DRE had a productive day fitting out their tool van and living quarters that will be equipped with solar powered battery charging equipment to power the various domestic luxuries to be installed. The Logging Dept. were in action and a fire at Cemetery Lane disposed of their unwanted products.
In the middle the VCT reported two large fires north of Shottle North Junction and a further 50 yards of view opened up on the "Down" (west) side of the line together with the harvesting of many logs.
All in all, a very good day.