Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thursday 1st October 2009

Dear all
The first day of the new month heralded further great deeds at Duffield. Concrete sleepers were laid out for the first four panels of track of the loop covering the area from Duffield North to the A6 bridge. Further work on the Duffield North crossover was undertaken and it tremendous to see this major undertaking take place.
The VCT had another successful day in the area of milepost 135 1/4 with two large fires and the undercoating of the reconstructed handrails on bridge DJW5 completed.
Back a base there was wholesale fuelling, checking over and cleaning of the dmu fleet ready for the forthcoming Railcar Association weekend. The Logging Department used the last of their supplies and a fault on the "de luxe" Landrover rectified. Sperry Rail continued their maintenance of SRS242 and the Booking Hall welcomed a few visitors.
At the close of play the Komatsu 130 and Works Train returned to Wirksworth and were placed in the Car Park ready to load up further sleeper supplies for Duffield tomorrow. If anyone can assist as "slingers" their assistance would be welcomed.
A most satisfactory day.