Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursday 15th October 2009

Dear all
A dank day where there seemed little enthusiasm for the tasks to be performed with the notable exception of the VCT so we will start at Hazelwood. VCT have determined that Hazelwood will make a good base for their activities heading for Duffield. The mini digger was in attendance to accomplish further earth moving and assist the distribution of 26 tonnes of limestone delivered by road to make an acceptable access roadway. Following the sleeper changing yesterday at Hazelwood the contents of one part filled rail hopper was dropped in the "4 ft" as the commencement of an area to off track road/rail vehicles. The VCT also cleared more vegetation from around the bridge abutments and created one super fire to burn the brash. They also harbour desires on the adjacent permanent way hut with designers called in to measure up for the fitted kitchen and select the appropriate wall coverings.
The Works Train delivering stone to Hazelwood was recessed at Shottle for a frustrating 90 minutes this morning to facilitate the passage of a test vehicle to and from Duffield. The train then proceeded to Postern Lodge to deposit and plough out the part contents of two Dogfish. After fettling up the meagre amount of stone, there is always too little stone and never too much, trundled Up to Duffield to recover the vehicles stabled there for return to Wirksworth.
DRE had made his way to Shottle by road and resourced the three specialised chairs needed to complete the Duffield crossover, placing them on the Works Train for delivery. Most of the rest of the day seemed to surround the consumption of tea together with another member of the team who claimed to have done very little work apart from putting a battery on charge and removed a few bolts.
The Passenger Services Manager busied himself and achieved a few sales.
However, in spite of the slow pace much has been achieved today including a happy customer whose fees help us to make our goals reality.