Sunday, 25 October 2009

Progress Sunday the 25th of October

Dear all,

A happy, sunny and successful day saw the end of the 2009 operating
season. Surprisingly large numbers of people, including a party of Girl
Guide Leaders went on the trains and frequented the buffet car and shop.
The Day with Driver guest experienced a wide range of fascinating
activities including the jump starting of his car, courtesy of Turnditch

In the engineerium the Class 31 received planned maintenance and a most
successful trial run was carried out late in the afternoon. Locomotive
Henry Ellison had her foundation ring addressed and the attendant
banging could be heard some way off, however, further work will be
needed to remove the foundation ring completely, it being rather

Around the station, the Mess Room repaint continued in the time honoured
fashion and the wheelbarrow / roller tray was once again in use. Also
around the station a Nurdeler was put inside the WAP box to catch the
gremlins and time will tell whether the 86p spent on the Nurdeler will
save the rather higher cost of a new WAP. It has been agreed that
Assistant Stationmaster Woodhouse will feed the Nurdeler from time to
time. For those of you needing a Nurdeler, these can be obtained from PC
World by asking any twelve year old serving on the counter.

Meanwhile in the weighbridge, the S&T department, wearing flame proof
trousers, was fabricating a part for a facing point lock and two of
these are now ready, one for Duffield North and one for Shottle South.
In addition a set of stretcher bars and sole plates have also been made
ready in a day of intense activity, during which the lawnmower and its
petrol can were removed from the weighbridge to comply with health and
safety regulations and save blowing the roof off.

Over at Mrs Miggins, the entire and utter DMU team continued their
efforts in the Met Cam centre car and the work included wire brushing
and anti-corrosion painting of the corridor connections; interior
electrical work related to the lighting; the painting of ceiling panels
and the removal of the old heaters. All this in a frenzy of activity,
interrupted only for the making of tea and the eating of cake (on
several occasions).

All the best,