Saturday, 17 October 2009

Progress Sat 17th Oct 2009

Hi all,

A long and exhausting day that has been hectic for one reason and another all day - but at the same time very worth while. Today was of course the first day of the annual Wirksworth Model Railway show which brought the masses to the town and the railway. Many cups of tea and pieces of cake were sold, as well as many train tickets. At one point there were only 5 spare seats on the train! I believe the event was successful in the town too.

Despite the total lack of energy by the end of the day, it makes it all worth while to hear specific comments made by the public to the tune of "I would like to thank you for a fantastic afternoon. The ride is brilliant and the catering is excellent. I can't wait to visit again soon" - as one gentlement pointedly said.

One duty conscript was dispatched to the dogfish whilst the other began some tidying before being ushered into a make-shift car parking attendant as there was just no space whatsoever left in the car park.

Let's hope tomorrow is as busy as today as it will make it a cracking weekend. Well done to all concerned!

Mike Evans