Monday, 26 October 2009

Monday 26th October 2009

Dear all
A day of planning and preparation involving L J Breeze happily restored to health and making a sterling contribution to the cause. 3 empty Dogfish hopper wagons were moved to the Wash Green Dock to await ballast deliveries and during the wait an opportunity was taken to trip the steam crane and runner to Shottle for storage. On LJB's return the now loaded Dogfish were marshalled with the Tool Van and Lowmac to form tomorrow's Works Train poised for a prompt departure to Duffield.
Time was taken at Shottle to assess whether we have the necessary track components to complete the Duffield South installation and it would seem that what we have there and utilising some of the redundant Wash Green catch point will require no further purchases to complete work. Some parts to complete the Duffield North crossover were also sourced and will be loaded to the Works Train in the morning.
The next few weeks work was fully discussed to assess when materials and machines are required resulting in an order for a further 188 concrete sleepers being placed for delivery this coming Friday.
Apart from the Works Train crew all available volunteers should travel directly to Duffield in the morning for the next stage of this exciting project. An attempt to resolve problems with the webcam overlooking the Maintenance Facility proved abortive and a larger hammer is being sourced.