Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday 16th October 2009

Dear all
What a difference the weather makes. The sun was shining and there were happy smiley faces achieving great things!
The Maintenance Facility area benefited from a mass tidy up with items neatly placed in the area previously occupied by a 40ft container. These items were joined by the contents of an ex MOD box van that will be converted into a mobile S&T workshop and stores. The Multicar was recovered from its sojourn at Postern Lodge with the help of the Komatsu 130 and the rescue team attending in the Landrover. All three vehicles then processed cautiously back to Wirksworth.
The Museum Siding benefitted from a major rearrangement with the vehicles for static display placed in the correct order, the new S&T van placed adjacent to their stores for fitting out, Santa's brakevan placed for this year's makeover and the "out of service" diesel fleet used to top up the space. This has released much of the adjacent siding for its intended role as the base for passenger rolling stock to be employed on future operations.
Using the Komatsu 130 and forklift the "new" point and its associated timbers were loaded to the Sturgeon and Lowmac ready for transfer to Duffield on Monday. The vehicles were then shunted from the Car Park to maximise our opportunities over the weekend.
Opportunity was taken to conduct brake tests with the Class 20 and 3 Dogfish for an upcoming photo charter. The Class 20 also received some attention to its fluids with the addition of engine oil and antifreeze.
The Mess Hall had more paint applied to its exterior and the Booking Hall received a number of visitors. In the Town of Wirksworth there was much activity at the three venues being used for the Model Railway Exhibition which will carry on well into this evening.
A very good day.