Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wed 9th Sept

Evenin' all,

The Per way team have said adios to Shottle for the time being, they
have managed to complete the fettling of the ballast on the main line,
it will now do until the Tamper arrives next year. There will be aching
arms tonight! Bu well done to those concerned.

Some redundant fence panels were collected from Duffield and moved to
another location, thus clearing more space at Duffield for upcoming

The Komatsu was busy at Shottle, loading and reloading material for
the Duffield job. The machine was also used to move some S&T benches
around ready for connecting up.

Back at base some further shunting was carried out, and a 'willing
volunteer' and his minder carried out some track work on No 3 road. The
Booking Hall dealt with a few souls, whilst the Admin block was working
overtime .

Tomorrow sees S&T work at Shottle.


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