Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Wed 30th Sept

Evenin' all,

Another busy day at Duffield, with the per way team out in strength.
The switch panel and assorted rails and nose for the other half of the
crossover at Duffield North were delivered from Duffield platform to
site, and laid out in position. One asks how we could do that sort of
task without the Komatsu, even so, to turn 60' rails in Duffield
platform area is quite tricky. Crossing timbers were spaced and a start
made on fixing the track down, our main line is now secure for
traffic. Also the rest of the Loop was levelled and made ready for
tomorrow. A few simple sentances but a huge amount of work. We had many
locals call in and to watch, there was not one bad word, everyone was
very supportive.

Back at base another load of concrete sleepers as well as more woods
arrived. The heavy metal skip departed, no doubt to eventually find
its way to China or some other foreign part. Sperry Rail were again on
site servicimg their machine ready for testing next week. The Ravenstor
and District seat repair co was again in operation making repairs to
platform benches. The Booking Hall was open for visitors - I bet there
were more at Duffield though.

Tomorrow sees work at Duffield with the laying of the first wagon full
of concrete sleepers in the Loop, the train will then return to
Wirksworth for restocking. All the action will be between the A6 bridge
and the Tunnel..


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