Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Wed 2nd Sept

evenin' all,

Today started dry enough but heavy rain set in this afternoon.

We welcomed a new customer for testing who worked mainly in the Yard
and on the Incline. They also took shots for their new brochure and
other publicity material.

The Per way team worked at Shottle, with some alteration to the
sleepers under the Trap point of the Loop, they also collected and
stacked old slepers before returning to Wirksworth with some more logs
to keep the logging dept happy.

In the Car park some redundant scrap was cut up ready for disposal,
and the DRE S&T dept. created some more rollers for the Shottle North

The Incline service operated and was kept fairl busy, as a result, the
Buffet Car hjad a steady trickle of visitors

A lot of ordering and sourcing of materials for Duffield was also
carried out

Tomorrow's Per way team are meeting at Wirksworth.


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