Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wed 16th Sept

Evenin' all,

A day that started badly and then went downhill!

A new customer arrived to recert an old vehicle. It was the sort of
vehicle that if anything could go wrong, it did. Our landrover had
failed, so the VCT one was brought up from Shottle (it was refuelled
for them| as well.> The test started at about 0900, and would normally
be completed by about 1300. Due to circumstances beyond our control,
the test was abandoned as it got dark and the vehicle finaly left at

Meanwhile the team managed to load crossin g timbers ready for
Duffield and also load a host of Check chairs and small for the
upcoming work. More ballast was delivered, and Anton applied some more
paint to the ballast hoppers.

The Met Cam was brought in to the station for another good cleaning
ready for the weekend.

Thursday's work will start at Wirksworth, and then proceed to Shottle.


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